One Green Country man said using cannabis oil has dramatically improved chronic medical conditions he's faced for years.

Jeff from Checotah said six months ago, there's no way he could enjoy a walk at the park. COPD, a lung disease that blocks airflow and makes it difficult to breathe, wouldn't allow it; but he can now enjoy his walks, and he credits the use of cannabis oil from marijuana plants.

"Doctors weren't curing me,” he said.

For six months, he's taken a drop of the oil each morning and night.

He only wants to go by his first name, since what he's doing is illegal, but Jeff said he's had a remarkable turnaround.

"I wasn't getting better, I was getting worse. I was tired of it,” Jeff said.

He said he never really thought he'd use cannabis, but was open to the idea, especially after getting pneumonia and spending 28 days in the hospital.

"I started researching alternative methods to heal and I came across cannabis oil and I thought ‘it's worth a shot' and it's changed my life,” Jeff said.

Jeff said he's now off all his medications, his blood pressure is fine, the cannabis oil prevents his anxiety and depression and his COPD is under control.

"No inhalers; no oxygen. I'm walking three to five miles a day,” he said.

Jeff said he doesn't actually buy cannabis oil; he gets donations of it from people in other states where cannabis oil is legal.

While experts debate the possibilities of addiction, impairment and short-term memory damage, Jeff said one downside is that it's hard to find work because he wouldn't be able to pass a drug test; but he said it's worth it.

"Without it I would be back on all my medications. I'd be sick,” he said.

Jeff said if Oklahoma doesn't legalize medicinal marijuana or cannabis oil, he'll likely move to a state where it's legal because of his health.