Officers say the first shooting took place on Lansing Place where they found more than 25 bullet casings in the street. They say a car was found a few streets away with bullet holes, and a baby was taken to the hospital. 

Police say the second shooting happened just one hour later at North Hartford where a man visiting someone's home heard shots - and was shot in the back. That took place in the 3100 block of North Hartford. 

EMSA personnel transported the shooting victim to the hospital. They say he is a 39-year-old man in fair condition.

"I came out, and I seen the fire trucks and the ambulance pulling up, and so I come out to see what was going on and the police," said neighbor Delancy Crisp. "I didn't hear no shooting."

The shot-up car was found near Hawthorne Elementary on North Elgin. Police believe it was from the shooting on Lansing Place. 

An EMSA spokesperson says an adult male and a child were transported from that scene. Police said a baby was injured by flying glass. They have not released information about the child's condition.

As of Saturday night, there had been no arrests in connection with either shooting.