MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Grandparents love to tell stories about their grandchildren, but one Muskogee grandfather has one he'll be telling for a long time.

Rocky Anderson delivered his granddaughter in a gas station parking lot.

Rocky said it all started when they woke up hearing the screaming of “It's time.” He said it took a few minutes to get everyone ready, but they eventually made it on the turnpike heading for Tulsa.

“We just rounded the big curve, I can see the McDonald's up ahead,” Rocky said, but he was told they weren't going to make it because the baby was on the way.

He said as they crossed the river he pulled into a gas station parking lot and started to deliver.

“OK, I've watched National Geographic, I can do this,” Rocky said.

Sure enough he did; that night he and all the rest welcomed London Faith Anderson into the world.