TULSA, Oklahoma - What started off as a petty crime ended in murder; Tulsa detectives said a person breaking into vehicles near 63rd Street North and Elwood fired several shots into a home that narrowly missed a child, but killed a man inside.

The shooting happened while most people were sleeping, around 4:00 in the morning, and police said because the crime happened so early, they have very few leads.

Right next to a tricycle, a clear message that children must live inside, are bullet holes.

“The family that lived there, nice family, they don't bother anybody. You'd see them out there on Sundays with their little boys having cookouts on Sunday afternoon,” one neighbor said.

The neighbor, who woke up to the sound of gunshots Monday, has lived on the street for several years but wanted to remain anonymous.

“Usually this block is a nice, quiet block, usually no problems. That's why it was so shocking. I heard the shots last night and looked,” the neighbor said.

Tulsa Homicide Detective, Dave Walker said before the shooting, there was a car break in. He said a couple heard a commotion outside, so they went out and found people trying to steal from their cars.

When they yelled at the burglars, Walker said the crooks pulled out a rifle and sprayed the home with bullets.

“I think it just goes to show that no crime is minor. This is a burglary from a vehicle that turned into a murder in the time that it takes to pull the trigger,” Walker said.

The couple dodged the bullets, but there were two others sleeping inside; a young child and the woman's 44-year-old brother.

“The people that pull the trigger got to understand it's gotta go somewhere, even if it's up in the air, there's a chance it's gonna hit somebody,” said Walker.

Police say the 44-year-old man was innocently getting out of bed when one of the bullets traveled through two walls, and hit him in the chest while the shooter escaped.

“You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed,” said the neighbor. “Somebody knows who you are, they need to turn you in.”

Another bullet went through a playpen in the front room, but fortunately the child was in another room.

Police said the car and truck were taken in to test for evidence.