TULSA, Oklahoma - One woman out of eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime during her life. Think about eight women in your life your mom, grandma, sister or aunt. Most people don't think it can happen to them, but it's a very real possibility and that's why we Race for the Cure. 

Becky Rathbone is putting the finishing touches on a floral arrangement at her family's shop. Everyday, she gets orders for weddings, funerals, special occasions. She knows flowers can be a beautiful way to express your feelings. 

Almost 10 years ago, Becky got some personal news that turned her world upside down. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first, she was told she would have a lumpectomy but after a few tests, they recommended a more radical surgery. 

"So they did the surgery, they did the bi-lateral mastectomy and did you know there was a tumor on the backside of the other breast that we didn't know about. It didn't show up on a mammogram or anything else, so it was a really just a God thing that we did both," said Becky Rathbone, breast cancer survivor. 

Becky counted on family and friends to help her along her journey. She says this bag holds the cards that people sent to her, to help encourage her. Some people she knew, some were from folks she had never met. 

"One of them is actually from you. There was sales rep who came by and knew what I was going through and you had just been through it and you sent me a wonderful card and put your phone number in it. I never called. I remember your story and I looked at the card and I thought, I sent that," said said Becky Rathbone, breast cancer survivor. 

Becky says reading all these cards now, brings back so many memories. 

"I can't tell you how much it meant to go to the mailbox and take out those stinking doctor bills everytime and put them on the bottom of the pile and open up those cards that talked about healing and peace and scripture verses and all of that," said Becky Rathbone, breast cancer survivor. 

She is about to celebrate 10 years as a survivor. What does that mean to her? 

"It means seeing three boys graduate from college. It means seeing two boys get married. It means two grandaughters. It means a lot, it means a second chance," said Becky Rathbone, breast cancer survivor. 

Becky will be participating in this year's race and her family's flower shop is providing arrangements in the Survivor tent prior to the race. 

The countdown is on to this year's Komen Race for the Cure. It is Saturday, September 27th starting at ONEOK Field.  You can form your own team, or join mine. Or you can simply donate.