TULSA, Oklahoma - Staying active is not all that difficult considering all the different activities out there – tennis, walking, swimming or jogging – but for a small, but growing, group of Tulsans, they turn to aerial yoga.

A class at Zen Body, a studio at 61st and Yale, is doing yoga on the ceiling.

"First I love it and wanted to share it with everybody,” said Zen Body owner, Amy Miller.

Miller and Jessica Cummings went to Colorado to learn to teach aerial yoga.

Aside from the yoga, mat the principal piece of equipment for the class is the fabric loop, strong enough to hold you yet wide enough to be versatile.

Mike O'Neal was one of two guys in this class. He's been practicing yoga for a couple of years, and he credits the addition of aerial yoga to getting rid of his lower back pain.

The experts say that aerial yoga provides core strengthening, a low impact form of exercise and allow yoga stretches without strain.

If you're interested, you can visit their website to learn more.