TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa is known for its art deco - the architecture of the 1920s, 30s and 40s has left quite a mark on Tulsa's downtown – but there's an island of art deco that's actually pretty new.

Near the corner of 6th and Boston is a fascinating gift shop called Decopolis; and it looks like a step back in time.

"We have such a variety of stuff we have to theme areas, this one will be kind of fun, colorful bright things,” said local artist William Franklin.

Franklin said he loves the art deco period.

"As an artist, I find it so intriguing, it crosses over from classical art to contemporary art and it merges right at that intersection,” he said.

His shop is right in the center of the deco landscape; everywhere you look outside there are the bits and pieces of our art deco past.

Inside, he's taken some Tulsa area landmarks and given them a deco look.

There's a section he calls the stag shop - an area with guy stuff - metal model cars, and vintage looking books on self-defense and manners.

There are books, and cards, and everywhere you look paintings that demonstrate that love for art deco.

There are gifts in all price ranges and, it seems for nearly everyone, even some vintage looking toys.

"The younger kids have never seen some of these toys, and the parents and grandparents go ‘Oh my gosh, I had one of those,'" Franklin said.

Decopolis is open late on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.