TULSA, Oklahoma - For the fourth morning in a row, city of Tulsa workers are fixing water main breaks. One of those breaks is located just west of Utica on Pine.

Water from the break flooded Pine and neighboring streets. A crew has been at the 16-inch water line break since 11:30 p.m.  Workers shut off water to the line at 1:30 a.m. 

The Tulsa Police Department has blocked off Pine in both directions from Utica to Troost because of workers and equipment in the road. No word on when Pine will be reopened. 

"My guess is it's going to at least have the eastbound lanes completely torn up. They may have it down to one lane east and west and at least right now it looks like at least eastbound will be torn up early this morning," said Cpl. Dan Miller, Tulsa Police. 

Farther east, workers have opened a fire hydrant near 11th and 71st East Avenue to relieve pressure on another broken line.

The city says these breaks keep happening due to this week's high temperatures. Officials say as the temperature drops so will the number of water main breaks.