TULSA, Oklahoma - More than 400 runners tied up their running shoes and took off across Tulsa's Turkey Mountain Monday morning. 

They all participated in "Escape from Turkey Mountain," a five- and two-mile race hosted by Fleet Feet. 

Runners were out early and we caught up with many of them as they were warming up for Monday's big race. 

Back in April, Cherish Botley ran her first half marathon and now after several weeks of training she's taking on trail running.

 "I chose a training program I found online and ran each weekend and slowly worked my way up to the distance," said Cherish Botley. 

Many runners we talked with said trail running is especially difficult because you have to take several different elements into account, like rocks and uneven surfaces. 

"It's quite technical. There's a lot of rocks, roots, trees. so most people starting out running these trails it takes them about twice as long to cover a given distance," Lance Miller, Fleet Feet of Tulsa. 

Lori Dweller, the owner of Fleet Feet says if you're interested in trail running there are a few things you need to keep in mind to stay safe. 

"You really have to pay attention, its a little softer on your body obviously, but Turkey is pretty technical there are a lot of rocks, a lot of up and down, different terrain so it makes it more challenging," said Lori Dreiling. 

The fastest time for the two-mile race was 15 minutes. The winner of the five-mile race crossed the finish line in 42 minutes.