Some big name Republican candidates are on the road together. They're calling it a victory tour, even though the November elections are two months away.

Republican candidates Mary Fallin, Jim Inhofe and James Lankford just wrapped up a campaign stop in Tulsa, where the three candidates each gave five minute speeches.

They talked about conservative values, played their political commercials and all spoke about how proud they are that Oklahoma is the reddest state in the union.

An estimated 75 people showed up, many of them had to stand as the candidates spoke, but people didn't seem to mind.

Congressman Lankford is running for Senate. He spoke about securing borders and said the influx of immigrant children at Fort Sill as an example of government mismanagement.

Senator Inhofe spoke about the federal government and focused on the president and foreign policies.

The governor talked about how important it is to stand up to Washington D.C. to make sure quality of life issues are decided in Oklahoma. Then she focused on a hot topic of education.

“We were able to put in an extra $150 million back towards education and as we continue to grow our economy, grow our spending, we'll continue to have tax breaks for our citizens and also put it back towards those priorities like education and teacher's salaries.”

In a statement, Trav Robertson, Jr with the Oklahoma Democratic Party said, "We look forward to talking about the failed education policies of all three candidates if they are willing to debate their opponents outside a tightly scripted and safe universe."

The candidates reminded people that it's about 60 days until voting. They asked for help with social media, campaigning and putting up signs.