TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa Public School security guard is off the job and in jail after police said he sexually molested a 13-year-old family member.

He worked as a security guard at Booker T. Washington High School, but detectives believe his only victim, at this point, is that family member.

But since they can't be completely sure, that's why they wanted to get the story out to the public.

“We didn't have any concerns about him until we received that call today,” said TPS Police Chief, Dwight Jackson.

Jackson said as soon as that call came in, 42-year-old Yvon Demesmin was out.

“We have zero tolerance, and when things like that happen, yeah we have to act, and our immediate response is, he needs to exit this school right now,” Jackson said.

Tulsa police said Demesmin confessed to the crime that the family member claims continued for the last year.

“Stated that he had not had any other victims this age or younger,” said Detective Danielle Bishop with TPD. “We questioned him about his involvement with possible high school age victims and he adamantly denied that.”

TPS said Demesmin, who is originally from Haiti and moved to Tulsa from Florida last year, just started working security at Booker T. High School at the start of this school year.

He came to the district from a company called Securitas which contracts with TPS.

“We get a lot of TPS guards from Securitas because they work out for us and they benefit to us, so it's a good company,” said Jackson.

Securitas said they did a local, state and FBI check on Demesmin and said, "his background had no criminal arrests showing and we had no indication of this matter as it was reported to the police one month after his employment.”

Bishop said, “You never know what people are like at home, and this just goes to show you that he can be, you know, the average citizen at work and then at home it's something completely different.”

Demismon is suspended.

As for his duties at Booker T., Jackson said he mainly worked the front and back doors where visitors and students entered and left the school.

He did have regular contact with students, but that the guards are always supposed to have someone escorting the halls with them.

They said they do have cameras throughout the school, so if someone comes forward with more allegations they will go back and check and immediately take action if needed.

In a statement Securitas said:

"Mr. Demesmin came to Securitas in late July 2014 with a conditional security license issued by the State of Oklahoma.

He was employed by us on August 5, 2014 after passing a rigorous background check which includes local county criminal checks, a statewide criminal check and a FBI criminal check. His background had no criminal arrests showing and we had no indication of this matter as it was reported to the police one month after his employment.

After learning of his arrest we have suspended him pending the outcome of the investigation.

We will continue to cooperate with local authorities in their investigation."