Now they are working in their hometown, helping their friends and neighbors clean up storm debris.

Since starting work Tuesday, the number of storm victims helped by the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief chainsaw team out of Washington and Osage counties is at 25 and counting.

"Work orders are coming in pretty fast right now,” volunteer Greg Dalton said.

One person getting help is Jackie Heeter, who has tree limbs down in her back yard and across the fence in the neighbors' yard.

"I'm very thankful for this crew here that is doing this,” Heeter said. “What a blessing."

The chainsaw team based out of Bartlesville has helped storm victims over the years after hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters across the country.

But with this damage so close to home, this response is unique.

"It feels different to be at home, and working for folks that many of them we should have already known and maybe helping them in other ways,” Dalton said.

The chainsaw team is focusing on helping people who don't have insurance or don't have the money or ability to clear the debris themselves.

Since they're already familiar with streets and neighborhoods, it's easier to get around than other trips, which means they're able to help more people like Heeter.

“It's kind of special to get to work at home, but we hate it,” Dalton said. “We hate that this damage has happened, but we'll help them get it fixed back and get back on the road."

It's a road to recovery that is going to take a lot more work.

The volunteers will work through Saturday, take a break on Sunday and then get right back at it next week on Monday.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief chainsaw team is getting so many requests for help, it likely will have to call in additional teams to help with recovery efforts in Bartlesville.