TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahoma Joe's has won lots of awards for its barbecue, and now the company is expanding. That move could bring more jobs into the area.

The most recent expansion in downtown near Cain's Ballroom, but Joe Davidson said he has his eyes on other parts of town, and even home kitchens.

Davidson has been smoking up Oklahoma-style barbecue since 1987, where he competed in his first cook off in Tulsa. Since then he started making his own smokers and expanded into restaurants.

Now he's looking to bring more flavor to other area's in town, like a new south Tulsa location currently in the works, and a new factory cranking out some of the restaurant favorites.

"For years I've been planning on opening a USDA inspected barbecue factory, a big smokehouse to where we can literally cook barbecue ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, sausages, Cryovac it, and have it in your local grocery store to where you can buy and get Oklahoma Oklahoma Joe's smoked meats and take it home and heat and eat it,” Davidson said.

Customers say they're looking forward to it.

"They have awesome barbecue, so it's a really good idea,” one person said.

Another said they live in Owasso are hope a location opens up there; an idea Davidson said he's looking into.

"We'll evaluate Owasso and we'll evaluate Oklahoma City and that region over there," he said. "We're excited for the growth and opportunities for Oklahoma Joe's BBQ and Catering"

Davidson said the new restaurant will be around the 61st and Sheridan and 61st and Yale area. He's not saying exactly where the new USDA plant will be built, but said he hopes to have both finished by the second quarter of 2015.