TULSA, Oklahoma - Even if you've never set foot in St. Francis, hospital administrators say you still should be thrilled about its new trauma emergency center.

The addition means that in the event of a disaster, the ER can now handle hundreds of patients at once.

In the past, a heart attack patient would be wheeled into the ER, then re-routed to the St. Francis Heart Hospital.

Now, with the new trauma and ER center, the patient will be rolled right in and treated immediately.

And that's the least of the improvements made.

It's the room you never want to be in, but you want to know it is there and ready.

The new trauma emergency center can expand to more than a hundred clinical stations in the event of a disaster.

"We do trauma excellently,” Phyllis Grady said. “We do it great and this is just going to allow us to continue that traditional to help the community."

Each of the patient rooms -- whether it's trauma, critical care, general medicine or triage -- can serve two patients who will receive the latest technological support, with a revascularization room, tomography suites,radiology rooms and better access to tools.

"Any medication I need, from a tetanus shot, antibiotics, to anything, I can get right here and never have to leave the patient," Grady said.

There are even oversized trauma elevators and space for more than a dozen ambulances.

The hospital's dedication to faith is depicted in its stained glass window in the new chapel, and its commitment to children is evident in the new pediatric emergency center -- the only one in northeastern Oklahoma.

Chief Nurse Executive Lynn Sund says all the additional rooms will better serve the community.

"If somebody does need to be admitted to the hospital, it's a smooth and quick process and not something that is bogged down because we don't have the upstairs capacity to take care of patients," Sund said.

There is also a new patient care tower with two floors of intensive care beds and three floors of surgical beds.

All of it will be up and running by the end of the month.