TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police shot a robbery suspect Tuesday morning in Florence Park. They say he's the man who's been wearing a mask to rob pharmacies lately.

No officers were hurt, and the suspect is expected to be fine. He has been identified as 33-year-old Delricko Smart.

Tulsa's robbery detectives have been working this case hard, and they figured out who they thought was doing it, so they've had the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force following the guy around the past few days.

"They were violent crimes, not just your standard, hand a note over," said Sergeant Brandon Watkins, Tulsa Police Department Robbery Unit. "He had a gun, was jumping over the counters, doing take-over style robberies in these pharmacies."

When police saw him checking out a CVS at 21st and Harvard Tuesday morning, a detective went inside the store and locked the doors and another officer confronted the suspect in the parking lot.

Smart ran to a nearby parking lot where he'd parked his car. Police say he jumped into his car and rammed not one, but two police cars. They say he was still refusing to show his hands, so one officer fired shots and another officer tased him.

"He rammed several police cars and shots were fired and he was hit one time in the leg and transported to the hospital by EMSA," said Officer Denita Kinard, Tulsa Police Department.

Police say when paramedics cut off the robber's pants to treat his wounds, his Airsoft gun fell to the ground.

Robbery detectives tell me they believe Smart has committed a number of robberies lately in Green Country, not just the scream mask ones, but other ones as well. He wore the horror movie mask when he robbed four pharmacies in Tulsa along with stores in Broken Arrow and Owasso.

Each time, the only thing he demanded was the prescription pain killer Lortab.

Police say Smart doesn't have a criminal history. He's a man with a wife and kids and a job he goes to every day - not what you might expect.

"Seems to be an all around decent guy," Watkins said.

They suspect Smart became addicted to painkillers and that led to this rash of crimes.

Now, he's in jail facing four robbery charges in Tulsa, attempted robbery of the CVS and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, after crashing into the officers, plus whatever charges he'll get for the Owasso and Broken Arrow robberies.

"This was the entire metro area coming together to get somebody dangerous off the streets," said Sergeant Brandon Watkins.

While the robbery detectives handle the robbery investigation, homicide detectives will handle the shooting. There will be too investigations: one criminal, to see if the shooting is legal and the other internal, to see if the shooting followed policy.