TULSA, Oklahoma - A 20-year-old woman, who just got out of jail for stabbing a man two years ago, is back behind bars. She's accused of stabbing a man, who did not survive.

Tuesday morning, deputies were at the Interstate Inn collecting evidence; that's where they said the man was killed. They found the victim's body close by last week.

Leads from the man's friends led deputies to the motel and to the two suspects.

"Yes it is a very strong case. We've taken a killer off the streets,” said Captain Billy McKelvey with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Sarah Francis, 20, also known as "Country," and 23-year-old Brandon Garrison, known as "Smurf," are accused of stabbing and killing 35-year-old Jon Smitter, then trying to cover up the crime.

It's not the first time the two have been accused of a violent crime. Two years ago, Francis and Garrison were arrested and pleaded guilty to stabbing a homeless man who survived the attack.

Arrest reports in that case show that Francis admitted to the stabbing, claiming the man had raped her friend and that she wanted to kill him.

They both spent time in jail for assault but recently got out.

This time, police said the crime is similar. They believe Francis wanted someone dead and that Garrison helped clean it up.

According to an affidavit from police, Francis and Smitter were both last seen at the Interstate Inn in west Tulsa - deputies found Smitter's body not far from the motel.

"So it is a very passionate, very in your face type of crime and very, very, violent. Stabbings are very violent crimes,” McKelvey said.

A judge sentenced Francis and Garrison to six years for the first crime, a judge later reduced that time and they got out.

They are both being charged in the latest case with first degree murder.