Investigators are still trying to determine the identity of a person found burned inside a car in Muskogee. Police said a lot hinges on whether one important detail survived the fire.

Muskogee deputies called in OSBI investigators to help them find a VIN number at the charred crime scene; finding it could be their best clue.

Flames in the middle of the fields lit the Muskogee County sky at 7:00 Wednesday morning. Firefighters found a car burning, and as they began to put out the fire, they found a body.

"That's when they noticed a body in the back floorboard,” said Chief Deputy, Brandon Caster.

Firefighters called police.

"It was pretty, pretty burnt. Couldn't really tell, torso and head was about all that was left,” Caster said.

He said the fire caused extensive damage, burning off license plate numbers.

Deputies can't tell the color of the Cadillac, or whether the victim is a man or a woman. The medical examiner is studying the body and investigators are looking for a VIN number.

"I did notice the gas tank door open,” Caster said. “I don't know if that might have been how they started the fire."

Several people drove by Wednesday, curious as to who was left to burn in the car.

"It's pretty sad. Somebody died for no reason, evidently,” said resident John Krop.

He said people frequent the fields as a place to hide.

"I don't get involved in stuff like that, but just glad it wasn't me or anybody I know. Feel sorry for whoever it happened to,” he said.

Caster said it won't take deputies long to find and follow the evidence.

"People will talk, so it'll come out eventually, but once we get the VIN number and start linking it back, we'll get some answers,” Caster said.

Muskogee police said if they can find the VIN number, it will make a good lead.