TULSA, Oklahoma - A north Tulsa shooting investigation took a surprising twist Thursday evening. Investigators first said the victim was an innocent bystander, but further investigation revealed that wasn't the case.

With children watching from their porches, detectives worked to solve a crime.

“Here on this side of town, it's not a big surprise. I guess we see it a lot,” said Tulsa resident, Jesse Mitchell.

When police first got to the scene, they found a man in the street with a bullet wound.

Mitchell was almost to the street when the shots rang out.

“I was around the corner and I heard two or three gunshots and came around and the guy was laying under his bike,” he said.

Detectives said they were led to believe the bike rider was an innocent bystander of a heated argument that got out of hand, but as the investigation rolled on, police said the real story came to surface.

They said the victim was part of the dispute, too.

Police said Derecko Marshall pulled out a gun and opened fire.

“Traffic in and out, you never really know what people are doing behind closed doors,” Mitchell said.

One person was hit, and another ran off.

Police said Marshall's girlfriend first told officers the man who ran off was the shooter.

Investigators said she claimed Marshall was the intended target, but ducked, causing the bullet to hit the victim, but when police tracked down the other guy, he pointed to Marshall as the triggerman, and detectives said that story made more sense.

Investigators said he'll be booked for shooting with intent to kill.

Police said they have Marshall in custody and they don't plan on arresting his girlfriend, even though they said she gave them misinformation.

The shooting victim is 28 years old and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but investigators haven't released his name.