TULSA, Oklahoma - The Coffee Bunker in Tulsa opened in a temporary location on September 11th four years ago. It was designed as a place for service members and veterans to find a sympathetic ear and a familiar face.

It took a while, but the Coffee Bunker now has a permanent home. In fact Thursday night was the grand opening.

The Coffee Bunker is on 41st Street at Sheridan. They've been in the building since March. Home Depot contributed to a major renovation, so now they are ready for a grand opening.

"They can get online to do school work, they do job searches. We've had some veterans find jobs,” said navy veteran T-Bone Massey.

Massey is a volunteer at the Coffee Bunker; he said the computers are a communication tool or a research tool, whatever the vets need them for.

There's a playroom for kids to use if mom or dad is busy, all provided by private donations.

The Coffee Bunker also has darts, a pool table, ping-pong, a gaming center and more.

It's open until 10:00 Monday through Thursday nights, 11:00 Fridays and Saturdays, and closed Sundays.