TULSA, Oklahoma - In an outreach for Tulsa's homeless, there was good food and generosity on the menu; and more than 250 people lined up to get served, for free.

In about a week, the Night Light program will celebrate a year in Tulsa, and some restaurants on wheels will be there to celebrate.

You'll usually find food trucks at popular hot spots, like Guthrie Green, but Thursday night the trucks were blocks away helping the homeless underneath a highway.

"People like these are the living examples of the way we're supposed to be with one another,” said military veteran Greg Dozier.

Every Thursday night, Night Light sets up with free food near the Tulsa County Jail. It's an area frequented by Tulsa's homeless community.

The group started a year ago with only a couple of tables and a few barbeque grills. Now the program has expanded with local restaurants and volunteers.

Night Light Event Director, Anisa Jackson said, "It's just been really neat to see a whole community out there in Tulsa and the surrounding areas grasp onto it, and to me, it just fuels the fire of, 'we're doing something right.'"

Major Edmundson is homeless and heard about the event through word of mouth.

“It helps, it helps a lot,” he said.

Edmundson and others are grateful for a free slice of Andolini's pizza.

"Just because we're homeless, we're still humans. We feel like we can eat the same thing everybody else eats. It may not be steak, but it's something,” Edmundson said.

"I think this is great. This is the first time I've been here and I really enjoy it. It's a blessing for us," said Billy Martin.

Dozier said, "They're so selfless here and they don't just feed ya, they give you something here, for your spirit, and they put something in the belly. I mean what more can you do?"

Night Light feels the events bring a community together.

"I would never pass by somebody that was sweating and dehydrated without giving them water,” Jackson said. “I would never pass by somebody that's freezing cold and not give them a blanket, and I don't think that action would keep them homeless."

Night Light holds the events every Thursday night. The group said as word has spread even people who aren't homeless are showing up to grab a bite to eat.