TULSA, Oklahoma - Downtown Tulsa's skyline has changed a lot in the past 41 years. 

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation posted a 1973 photo on Twitter this week of downtown Tulsa to highlight the I-244 bridges over the Arkansas River. 

Now that ODOT's project to rebuild the I-244 bridges is close to completion, Osage SkyNews 6 HD shot video of the same area this week. 

The result is two aerial views of the same area 41 years apart.

The new photo shows the new development in downtown since 1973, including the Williams tower, the BOK Center, ONEOK Field and the David L. Moss Criminal Corrections Center. South of the Arkansas River you can also see Oklahoma State University's new Center for Health Sciences building.

The 52-story BOK Tower was built in 1975. It was the tallest building in Oklahoma until the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City surpassed it in 2011. 

The BOK Center was finished in 2008 as part of Tulsa County's Vision 2025 initiative, and the Tulsa Drillers held their first game at ONEOK Field in 2010.