SAPULPA, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper is arrested on kidnapping and sexual assault complaints. Investigators said they have credible evidence to move forward with a case against Trooper Eric Roberts.

Investigators are also looking into other possible cases involving the 16-year veteran.

Saying right up front, the matter sickens OHP as an agency, the highway patrol's Chief of Patrol, Colonel Ricky Adams, outlined details of the investigation into State Trooper Eric Roberts, including his Monday morning arrest.

"If the district attorney files charges and he is convicted, it would represent the ultimate betrayal of a man's oath, the oath to his state, to his agency, to his family,” Adams said.

Roberts was taken to the Creek County jail after being arrested by fellow state troopers, bonding out on a $66,000 bond five hours later.

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The allegations against Roberts came to light when OHP got a complaint on July 23rd from a woman who said Roberts sexually assaulted her during a traffic stop.

"We take this matter extremely serious, and we do believe we police our own very well within the agency,” Adams said.

In a lawsuit filed by the suspected victim, she said Roberts was patrolling near the Town West Shopping Center on July 22nd, when he pulled over her car.

The lawsuit says he ordered her to get into his cruiser and drove to a secluded spot where he raped her.

Investigators are forwarding 11 complaints to the D.A.'s office, including second degree rape, kidnapping and sexual battery.

OHP's chief of patrol also said the investigation revealed two other potential victims and three other questionable traffic stops where no assault is believed to have occurred.

"In all these stops, trooper Roberts turned off his camera and his mic, during the course of the traffic stop, which is something of a very serious concern for us,” said Adams.

Roberts's attorney, Gary James, said he denies the criminal allegations and maintains his innocence.

"Eric Roberts is innocent of any of these criminal allegations and maintains his innocence, but is innocent of the allegations that are contained at least in the lawsuit. I don't know what OHP has in their investigation. It's not been revealed to me,” James said.

Roberts is still on suspension with pay as OHP moves forward with the termination process.