TULSA, Oklahoma - Team Kennedy is a mom's effort to get some positive energy around her daughter who is sick. It's a team you just might want to join.

Kennedy Cox is an adorable 2-year-old girl from Pryor. She and her parents are on their way to Fort Worth where she will have brain surgery on Thursday.

Kennedy has a seizure disorder.

"She was diagnosed when she was 6 months," said Jordan Cox, Kennedy's mom.

They met us at Lafortune Park on the way through town. Her mom says Kennedy has seizures almost every day.

In her short life she's been to the hospital a lot. She's been poked and prodded, and hooked up to machines.

In between she's pretty normal: she loves bubbles, dress up, and she likes to swing.

They've tried several different medications to try to get the seizures under control, but nothing's worked. They've decided on surgery.

"What we are riding on is our faith and our prayers," Jordan said. "We've just been so blessed with our family and friends."

That's where this Team Kennedy thing started. Jordan is creating a memory book for Kennedy with pictures of the journey she is on and of the people whose positive wishes are carrying her along.

"I'm big on documenting everything," Jordan said.

Kennedy's uncle is in Afghanistan. His entire unit is supporting team Kennedy, as are folks at a Mexican restaurant and down at the bank.

There are no guarantees with this surgery, a 70 percent chance of success she told me, but they believe in prayer and the power of positive thinking.

"We are excited because this could be a cure, it could save her life," said mom Jordan Cox. "She could have a normal life. She could be a normal 3-year-old baby and have play dates and go to the park."

If you can take a photo or would like to support Kennedy Cox, contact the family at teamkennedycox@gmail.com.