TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma - A sophomore at Tahlequah High School is in hot water over a story he wrote. He claims it was all an inside joke and that there isn't an ounce of truth to it, but he mentioned the band director and the district is taking action.

It's a racy story, but the 15 year old is calling his punishment extreme and that he never meant for so many people to see it.

Kaden Scroggins will have a lot of time over the next week or so to get in some basketball games with his siblings, as the Tahlequah sophomore is in the middle of a nine-day suspension.

“I might fall behind. I know I can complete the work. I have to take finals at the end of the year because it messed up my perfect attendance and it's really hurting me,” Kaden said.

He wrote a short story that the district is calling harassment against a staff member. The sexually explicit story describes having his clothes torn and hundreds of hands caressing him on a school bus.

It gets a lot more graphic, and names the band director, though Scroggins is not currently in band.

He said it's complete fiction, and was only meant to be between friends, until someone made copies and hung them around the school.

“It is the first offense I've ever had,” said Kaden. “I'm a straight A student and I'm in all AP classes. It is ridiculous; they're trying to make an example of me.”

The school said it couldn't comment specifically on the matter, but his mother Tana said administrators responded immediately.

“They were very offended and said 'come get your son immediately, he can't go to school the day after that' which was Friday. We found after that he's not gonna be in school the next nine days,” Tana said.

She called the punishment extreme and said they are in the process of appealing the suspension.

“He admitted he wrote it ‘cause he didn't feel he had done anything wrong,” she said. “He's the one being held accountable, they're making an example of him I think because so many saw it.”

Kaden's parents did have a meeting with the district Tuesday afternoon regarding the appeal and the school is upholding the nine-day suspension.

Kaden's parents said, originally they wrote him up for assault and battery on a teacher, but, Tuesday afternoon, they dropped the battery part of it, but assault - verbal assault in this case - is what holds the suspension.