KIEFER, Oklahoma - A man caught watching children on a playground in Kiefer was questioned by police and given a warning to never go back to that school again.

A Kiefer mother intervened when she said she saw a suspicious man watching and taking pictures of kids while at recess.

She said things didn't feel right, and that's when the she felt she had to speak up on the man.

"I said ‘hey what are you doing,' and he just took off,” Kim Slaton said.

Slaton is a mother and said Tuesday afternoon she felt an overwhelming sense in her gut that a man driving by a local school playground was up to no good.

"I thought, maybe that he had a child go to school here, and then the more he kind of just crept up and stopped his vehicle, right about, right up there, and I was like, something's not right,” she said.

The mother of two said she was in her car, on the phone, when a man in a black mustang started waving kids over to his car while taking pictures.

"He was luring the kids to, especially this one boy that he was really, paying more attention to him than the others, that's why I thought, ‘well maybe that's his son,' and then when it all got, the guy left and everything, I went up to the boy and said, ‘did you know that guy,' and he was like ‘no,' I didn't know him,'” Slaton said.

The man was later pulled over and questioned by Kiefer Police, they said during the traffic stop he admitted to watching the children on the playground, but never admitted to taking any pictures.

Police said he's been given a warning, but that he hasn't committed a crime. Slaton said she thinks it's just a matter of time.

"It's sickening, I was just glad that I was outside and able to, you know, sometimes you don't want to see stuff but, you know, but I'm glad I was outside to see that man doing that, because he was up to no good obviously,” she said.

Even though the man's actions were not illegal, an officer with the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Division said that kind of behavior is not okay, and that in today's world, things like this should be reported.