TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say a car hit a 5-year-old boy during early morning traffic Monday in Tulsa. It happened in the 8900 block of East Latimer near a Tulsa Public Schools child nutrition center.

A woman was standing outside her Ford Crown Victoria talking to traffic investigators. Police say she was eastbound on Latimer when the boy darted into traffic.

He was on his way to school at Mitchell Elementary when he ran into the crosswalk, according to police.

Officers say it doesn't look like the driver was doing anything wrong when the incident took place. A school bus was parked in the circle drive in front of the nutrition center, but the collision took place on Latimer, police tell News On 6.

The child was transported by ambulance to a Tulsa hospital with what is believed to be a broken leg.

He's expected to be OK.