BIXBY, Oklahoma - The current issue of Tulsa Pets Magazine features a picture of Buttercup on the cover. Buttercup is a pig.

She lives at a veterinary clinic in Bixby, and since the vet's last name is McDonald, maybe we shouldn't be surprised.

It's not every veterinary clinic you walk into and find a pig eating off the floor, but Dr. Cari McDonald with the Horizon Animal Hospital said Buttercup doesn't think she's a pig.

Buttercup is technically a mini-pig, and full grown weighs in at a very trim 56 pounds.

"We try to limit her intake so she doesn't become obese,” McDonald said.

McDonald keeps Buttercup at the clinic because as she said Buttercup is not a house pet.

"She's like a three year old, she's into everything,” she said. “She's on a constant quest for food.

Buttercup can open cabinets and drawers in search of food. Sometimes in the clinic, trash cans are put up high and purses are kept off the floor.

But Buttercup is more than just a pig on a quest for food, she's pretty famous too. She was mobbed at the Green Corn Festival, makes personal appearances and was even a special guest at the Tulsa Relay for Life.

"The person who raised the most money got to kiss her,” McDonald said.