TULSA, Oklahoma - The testing company being investigated by Attorney General Scott Pruitt for widespread testing failures could regain its contract with the Oklahoma Department of Education.

The state Board of Education will consider hiring CTB-McGraw Hill at its meeting Thursday morning.

On the last page of the agenda for Wednesday's meeting is an item for discussion, and possible action, to approve a contract with McGraw Hill for upcoming winter testing.

In June the state Board of Education voted to fire CTB-McGraw Hill two years into a five-year, $14 million state testing contract.

Now, three months later, the board will once again consider hiring the testing company for 2014 winter testing.

Pruitt is building a case against McGraw Hill, saying the company is responsible for widespread state testing failures.

"We've had two, two years of what I would call broken promises to the kids and parents and school districts of the state of Oklahoma,” he said.

Pruitt said the company breached contract, and there could be a lawsuit.

Few have forgotten the computer failures last spring that disrupted testing for thousands of students.

Schools suspended the tests after a computer glitch occurred with the servers at McGraw Hill.

Wednesday's meeting is in the Oklahoma state capitol building at 9:30 a.m. and the public can comment on the issue.