TULSA, Oklahoma - For many parents the start of school meant getting immunizations.There has been growing talk about whether or not the shots children have today are really that healthy.

Dr. Pam Butler, Director of Health Services for Tulsa Public Schools says over the past five years many Oklahoma parents and guardians have requested exemptions from immunizations. In 2009, around 8,000 parents across the U.S. wanted their kids to be excused from taking immunizations. Today in the U.S. that number has grown to over 25,000.

Dr. Butler says parents are confused about what they are hearing about vaccinations, but there is also the fear factor.

"Sometimes it is because we have eradicated many of the diseases because of the vaccinations. People think it is not a big problem so why are trying to fix a problem that is not a problem," said Dr. Pam Butler.

She says even home-schooled children need to be vaccinated. 

Dr. Butler offered several web sites for parents to check out for information about immunizations: