TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman was killed in a deadly crash Friday afternoon on 71st street. Police say Emma Jean Bennett died in a crash that may have been the result of road rage.

Police had to shut down the road for several hours after the crash.

The force was so great from the impact the car headed west ended up turned around in the trees and the other was up onto the sidewalk.

Police said they believe speed played a factor and all of it may have been the result of road rage.

"If they're going fast, and the light turns yellow, they'll try and beat it so they don't have to stop at the light. So they might go 60 or 70 miles an hour instead of, you know, slowing down and stopping," said neighbor Randall Bivens.

Bivens said he's seen his share of drivers speed through the intersection at 71st and Evanston, but Friday's accident was the worst he's ever seen.

"It's terrible, there could have been a little kid in the car, it could have been a little kid. It could have been anybody you know,” he said.

Friday afternoon police got a call about a bad wreck involving road rage.

Sergeant Steve Wood, TPD, said, "Witnesses are telling us that two cars are somehow involved in a road rage as they're going west on 71st street, and we have another car that's stopped facing east waiting to make a left turn to go north on Evanston, and as that car attempted to make it's turn the cars crested the hill going west and that's where we had our collision."

The force of the wreck sent both cars off the road, killing the woman in the tan Pontiac who was trying to turn; it sent the man in the black sports car – suspected of being involved in the road rage incident – to the hospital.

The accident made those driving by think about just how quickly something they do every day can turn deadly.

"You can't take it for granted, what you have, you never know from one minute to the next, you know, when things are going to change in your life, and this is life changing,” a neighbor said.

There was a third car involved, but didn't actually crash. Police say the driver of that car was questioned at the scene and allowed to leave.

No charges have been filed; police are still trying to figure out just how fast the black sports car was going at the time of the crash.