TULSA, Oklahoma - Jury trials at the Tulsa County Courthouse will start back up Monday weeks after a pipe burst and flooded the basement.

Trials were put on hold for more than three weeks as restoration crews cleaned up the mess. That also meant people summoned for jury duty were sent home.

On top of the massive amount of damage from the pipe burst and flooding... it also caused a massive backup in the criminal courts - as well as civil courts.

Now they will begin working on the backup.

In early September, rain collected in a courthouse drainage pipe, which burst. The flooding caused major damage to the basement of the courthouse which included the jury room.

The water went everywhere and several county offices had to be relocated.

Because of the flooding the Tulsa County Clerk decided to cancel jury duty for the month while the damages were repaired.

In total, the Deputy County Commissioner is reporting that the flooding caused more than $100,000 worth of damage.