OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin, the first woman to be elected governor of Oklahoma, has retained her office in Tuesday's general election. Fallin ran against Democrat Joe Dorman. Fallin's victory came as no great surprise as poll results showed her holding onto the lead throughout the campaign.

The governor says most Oklahomans want her to continue to govern, to continue to strengthen the economy and resist any Washington policies that would weaken families.

"We fought hard any time the federal government overstepped its boundaries and tried to force bad policy down upon Oklahoma," she said in her victory speech.

"We stood up for Oklahoma's conservative values and I'm very, very proud of that."

Fallin first took office in 2011. Her campaign platform focused on pledges to streamline government, improve the economy and champion state's rights.

"Thank you for the great economy that we have - continue to focus on our children and our future," she said of the messages from voters.

"My husband I have six children between us, so education is very critical and important to us. Continue to stand up and fight Washington D.C. anytime they might do something to harm our economy or take away our personal rights."

Some of the landmark legislation under her watch included a law that requires the state Department of Human Services to screen adults for drug use if they apply for some government benefits, a law repealing the Common Core standards in education and rejecting some of the Obama-driven healthcare initiatives.

Fallin thanked her supporters for their votes - and their prayers.