BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A Broken Arrow golf course, named one of the best new public courses in the country, has been hit by a persistent thief. The course said they've been hit three times in a matter of months.

The Emerald Falls Golf Club in Broken Arrow is closed for renovations, but video from Saturday shows a man walking around and peering through windows.

Owner Lucia Carballo said she thinks the man might have been there to steal equipment.

The break-ins started on Halloween when someone kicked in the door to a maintenance building, went room to room slicing doors open with a machete and taking equipment.

"All of our irrigation computers that control the irrigation to our golf course was stolen," Carballo said.

A week later, there was another break-in, next door at the cart barn, where a tractor, flatbed trailer, laptops and a beverage cart were taken; totaling $80,000.

The burglar didn't stop there.

Someone clipped a lock to get into Carballo's personal storage shed, where she keeps a boat.

"The motor was one bolt away from being removed,” she said.

Whoever it was left their tools behind.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Carballo has installed all new surveillance, but wants to know who the man she caught on camera is.

"It's maddening. I just wish people would respect private property and they're just not going to," Carballo said.

She said someone must have seen something, like the beverage cart, which you typically only see at golf courses.

If anyone has any information, please call the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office.