TULSA, Oklahoma - Wind, snow and freezing conditions didn't stop some tough kids in Tulsa on Sunday. That holds especially true for a group of young athletes in Tulsa.

Events across Green Country were canceled due to snow and frigid temperatures, but the Sooner Classic at Union Stadium went on as scheduled, and we didn't hear one complaint out of any of the 9-year-old boys on the football field.

They wanted the gold ring and they played in the snow to fight for it.

"He said, ‘Mom I'm not cold, I'm ready,'” Endie Gallegos said.

Ready with hand-held heaters and hot chocolate -- a tactic to make plays on a snow covered field-- the kids went to battle.

Parents in the bleachers were covered head to toe with winter weather gear.

"It is what it is,” Gallegos said. “It's Oklahoma."

It was mentality that most of the parents shared.

In fact, they said, playing in this kind of weather is something for which they commend the kids.

"I'm proud,” Gallegos said. “Other than cold, shivering, trying to stay warm, I'm proud of him."

Parents who have been coming to the tournament for the last five years said 2014 was the coldest championship yet.

The teams were made up of tough little boys with big dreams. And they were dreams that not even a mid-November snow could put on ice.

"I don't know what I would have done at this age, in this kind of weather, but uh it makes me very, very proud, his mom very proud,” Brandon Sanford said. “And I think every parent out here is very proud of their kids for wanting to play in these conditions."