COLUMBIA, Missouri - The Golden Eagles were defeated by Mizzou tonight, 78-64.

ORU kept the lead for all but 12 seconds in the first half, as Mizzou trailed. The Golden Eagles weren't so fortunate when the second half rolled around. With ten minutes in the half, the Tigers knocked down back-to-back three-pointers, taking a six point lead over Oral Roberts. Missouri then went on an 8-0 run, extending their lead over ORU.

ORU's Obi Emegano put up a career high of 30 points for his team. He scored 18 points in the first seven minutes of the game, before getting in foul trouble. Due to that, he sat the remainder of the half. When Emegano returned to the floor he scored 12 more points, leading to his 30 point game.

Korey Billbury contributed ten rebounds and six assists, leading the Golden Eagles in the two categories.

Missouri's Montaque Gill-Caesar led Mizzou with 19 points, including four three-pointers. Wes Clark also hit some threes for the Tigers. He was 3-for-4 from the three point line. He also had 14 points, and led Missouri with nine assists.

Ending the game, Mizzou shot 57.1 percent from the field, while ORU shot 40.9 percent. The Tigers also shot 88.9 percent from three-point range, while the Golden Eagles went zero for nine from the three. ORU is now 1-7 against Missouri.

Coach Scott Sutton stated, “Sometimes in the game of basketball it goes your way and tonight it certainly went Mizzou's way, so you have to tip your hat to them. If they can make shots like that, they have the chance to be a very good basketball team. Obi was the best player on the floor, and it was unfortunate that he picked up the two fouls. Normally, I have a rule that if you pick up two fouls in the first half you sit. I should have put him back in the game, he was playing at such a high level.”

The Golden Eagles will hit the road Friday, November 21, to take on Oregon State. The game tips off at 8:00 p.m.