TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say a serial shoplifter is in custody after a loss prevention officer recognized her and called police.

An off-duty loss prevention officer was at the Woodland Hills Mall Wednesday afternoon when he called Officer Lori Visser and informed her the “Birthday Bag Lady” was currently in the mall.

Police identify the suspect as Brandy Chaplin.

Visser said the “Birthday Bag Lady” earned the nickname by carrying a birthday shopping bag into stores at the mall, loading it with merchandise and walking out.

According to Visser, the loss prevention officer kept an eye on Chaplin until Visser got there. Visser said she saw Chaplin load merchandise into a car.

“The trunk, which was an older model, larger Mercury was completely full of brand new merchandise with the tags on it,” Visser said.

She said it was difficult to tell, but guessed it was maybe $2,000 or more worth of stolen items.

Visser said Chaplin is a well-known thief among the loss prevention community and has served time in prison for theft.

According to jail records, Chaplin is being held on seven counts of larceny from a retailer, false impersonation and stolen property on a $19,000 bond.

Visser said Chaplin was also involved in an incident at a Hobby Lobby where a manager was hit by a vehicle.