TULSA, Oklahoma - A police chase in midtown Tulsa led to a fight between police and the driver.

Police said the whole thing started just near 41st and Utica and ended up at 41st and Harvard where the truck crashed into two other cars, coming to a stop.

Four people including the driver were hurt in the crash and taken to local hospitals, but not before things got ugly between the driver and police.

Punches were thrown after the police chase down 41st Street Thursday afternoon.

Police said 53-year-old Kenny Luerhing was behind the wheel of the red dually truck.

They said the crash and the fight happened all because an officer on patrol tried to help who he thought was a stranded motorist with a flat tire.

"The traffic car was just going to turn on his lights and offer assistance, went to spin around and the truck immediately took off, not quite for sure why he took off but he took off, so of course the traffic unit thought, this is strange, this behavior's not normal, and he gave chase," said Tulsa Police Sergeant, Kurt Dodd.

The chase ended a short time later in the middle of a busy intersection at 41st and Harvard.

Police said Luerhing blew through the intersection hitting a landscaping truck and a car before crashing out in the median.

That's where paramedics tried to load Luerhing into their ambulance, and tempers flared.

"We don't know why he was doing this, again, that's strange behavior and very dangerous to the public," Dodd said.

It was a dangerous situation that police said could have been much worse.

They said everyone hurt in the accident is expected to be okay.

There were also two dogs in Luehring's truck, a family member came to the scene and picked them up.

Police said they seemed a little scared, but otherwise okay.