DALLAS, Texas - Former Oklahoma State football star Dez Bryant spent Friday night handing out turkeys to less fortunate families. This was the NFL player's first Thanksgiving food drive to help people in need. Bryant was able to feed many Dallas families, handing out 1,500 turkeys.

Bryant later tweeted, “Had a blast tonight passing out turkeys with my friends and family to the great people of Dallas. Happy #ThanXgiving.”

Bryant also had a great set of volunteers behind him, one being Dallas Cowboys legend Charles Haley. Many supporters of Bryant's good deed tweeted him pictures and compliments with his hashtag “ThanXgiving.”

He changed the “s” in “Thanksgiving” to an “X,” because it is his signature sign on and off the field. The Dallas Cowboys receiver stated that when he throws up the “X” on the field it symbolizes him entering the end zone, and when he throws it up off the field it symbolizes him blocking out all the bad and negativity that approaches him.