TULSA, Oklahoma - Holiday shopping is already in full swing if you're looking for a good deal this season.

For some stores, Black Friday-type shopping started weeks ago, and shoppers already are looking for deals this holiday season. Stores like Walmart already have prices rolled back way before 'Black Friday', the big shopping day after Thanksgiving.

Bass Pro Shops will also get a jump on the savings starting on Wednesday, be open on Thanksgiving and greet shoppers bright and early at 5 a.m. on Friday.

“It's definitely a big stress reliever. Definitely," said Bass Pro Shopper Marvin Wright.

Wright said he welcomes the extra days of holiday savings.

“There's nothing wrong with ever getting a head start, you can be too late and get in trouble," Wright said.

Glenda Scroggins said having just one day to save on holiday shopping puts her in a bind.

“More savings, more money to save on my grandbabies," she said. “This time it's longer, so I'm able to get that savings.”

Hahn Appliance Warehouse started Black Friday savings more than three weeks ago.

CEO Lee Sherman says vendors are starting the holiday deals early.

"It's a big month,” Sherman said. “It's a big time, and you can't accommodate those kinds of sales in one day,"

TVs, ranges and refrigerators at his store are marked down between 20-30 percent for the holidays.

“You can't accommodate those kinds of crowds, that kind of shopping in a four- or five-hour period, so I think most people are going to get just about as good a deal going in the week before as they are waiting until that Friday morning," Sherman said.

Walmart also is continuing its one-hour guarantee, where shoppers will line up to receive wristbands to buy several items in the store starting Friday.