LAS VEGAS, Nevada - TU men's basketball fell 73-58 to OSU Wednesday night in the battle for the MGM Grand Main Event Championship.

OSU dictated the court in the first half, immediately taking the lead. At 13:44 the Cowboys led the game 11-13. They quickly escalated their lead by eight with 9:38 on the clock. With eight minutes of play, TU's Ray Rashad narrowed OSU's lead with a three-pointer. Oklahoma State's Le'Bryan Nash extended OSU's lead by taking over the floor offensively. By the end of the first half he led all scorers with 12 points, and his team led TU 45-30.

Going into halftime TU was 17-26 from field, 6-7 from the free throw line, and 5-9 from the three-point line. They had two offensive rebounds, 12 defensive rebounds, six assists, zero blocks, and five turnovers. OSU was 10-38 from the field, 8-14 from the free throw line, and 2-7 from the three-point line. They had nine offensive rebounds, seven defensive rebounds, one assist, two blocks, and six turnovers.

Ray Rashad and Shaquille Harrison led TU in scoring with eight points apiece.

Entering the second half, OSU started tearing down TU's defense, expanding their lead 50-31. With 15 minutes to go in the half, Oklahoma State's Phil Forte hit a layup on transition helping extend OSU's lead by 19. Harrison then drove up the middle and decreased the Cowboys lead by two. Oklahoma State proceeded to break down TU's defense, scoring on nearly each possession.

With ten minutes left in the half, OSU's Forte stepped off the dribble and hit a deep jumper. OSU went on a run, outscoring TU 61-39 by the 9:40 mark. TU's Rashad followed up by knocking down both free throws after being fouled.

Closing the game, OSU led by 15 points.

Le'Bryan Nash Led all scorers with 21 points.

TU finished the game shooting 34 percent from the field, 64 percent from the free throw line, and 26 percent from the three. OSU was 51 percent from the field, 81 percent from the free throw line, and 33 percent from the three.

Tulsa finished the game with 32 rebounds, two assists, five blocks, and 13 turnovers. Oklahoma State had 29 rebounds, eight assists, one block, and eight turnovers.

TU will return to action on November 29, taking on Wichita State in Kansas. Game time is scheduled for 2:00 p.m.