TULSA, Oklahoma - Not many fired coaches would bother to write a thank you letter to their previous place of employment, but not many coaches are Bill Blankenship.

The former Tulsa coach took to Twitter Tuesday night to publicly share a thank you letter with the TU football family.

In the letter, Blankenship expressed his gratitude for being able to lead the program for the last four years. He also detailed the recruiting plan. He called it the Tulsa profile, which is used to bring in uncommon young men. He believes the next staff will be able to reap the benefits of some of his staff's decisions.

Within the letter he said, "We look back on the 2012 season with great pride. The turnaround this season did not happen, and for that I accept full responsibility." Blankenship ended by stating, "Our fans and supporters deserve better [than the results the last two seasons].”He encouraged the players to "Stay side by side. Be TU BLUE... always and forever!"