SSPD said Kylie Jones was found on Wednesday night at an apartment north of Tulsa, where a 16-year-old boy lives with his mother.

It ended about a 24-hour search for the young girl.

The Ponca City school district said the girls' team met at the end of its game on Tuesday, and after a brief discussion, all members were required to sit in the stands to watch the boys' game. The district said coaches took a headcount two times during the boys' game and all the girls, including Jones, were present. At 8:10 p.m., the coaches took a third head count and Jones was missing.

They began a search and notified Sand Springs police.

Ponca City school officials sent an email on Wednesday asking for the media's help in obtaining tips about the disappearance.

Later on Wednesday afternoon, Sand Springs police sent a statement to the media saying that Jones is seen on surveillance video meeting a male and female in the lobby. SSPD Capt. Todd Enzbrenner said the duo provided Jones with a change of clothing and she left with them in an unknown direction.

Enzbrenner said there was no Amber Alert issued because the situation doesn't meet the standards for such action.

The girl's grandmother is raising her and said the parents are "out of the picture." The grandmother also told police there is some evidence Jones had been attempting to date online. Police said they weren't sure if that was a factor in the girl's disappearance, but it is a scenario they are investigating. Police said Jones' grandmother didn't recognize either of the people in the school surveillance video.