The arrest report also notes that the alleged assault took place on Briggs' 30th birthday.

Briggs' mother called police late Saturday night to report being assaulted and told police her son left their residence wearing pajamas. She said she feared he would return as he had done in the past after assaulting her.

Officers learned Briggs had an outstanding warrant for a previous domestic assault charge, and they went to the residence overnight Sunday.

"The suspect answered the door wearing a pair of orange PJ pants with 'county jail' printed on them," the arresting officer said in his report.

Briggs' mother had marks on her throat she said were from his choking her, scratches, marks and bruises all over and a large red knot between her eyes, police say.

Authorities say Briggs had "completely smashed in" his mother's bedroom door with a golf club.

The arrest report also notes that Briggs told his mother he intended to kill her.

Briggs is being held without bond in the felony domestic assault and battery complaint.