NORMAN, Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma President David Boren has spoken out on an article written by Clay Travis of Outkick The Coverage, and Fox Sports 1, questioning why OU footballer Joe Mixon was given a second chance at the program, but SAE members were not. The article called out Boren for having a double standard when it comes to enforcing disciplinary action to athletes vs. non-athletes. 

The University expelled two Sigma Alpha Epsilon members after the fraternity was seen on video reciting a racist chant. In the article, Travis questioned why harsher punishments were imposed upon non-athletes compared to athletes. He wanted to know why the SAE members were expelled due to offensive speech, but OU running back Joe Mixon was only suspended for one season after punching a female student in the face, breaking her jaw, cheek bone, nose and fracturing an orbital bone near her left eye. 

In response to the double standard accusation, Boren responded with the following statement:

“There is no double standard at the University of Oklahoma. We punish bad behavior without regard to race. He (Mixon) was suspended from the team for a year and was not allowed to play. He was also ordered to perform community service, which he has completed. We punish bad behavior without regard to whether a person is an athlete or non-athlete, black or white. It is sheer and utter nonsense to make such a statement. We are colorblind at the University of Oklahoma and make no distinction between athletes and non-athletes. We have even taken one case to the state Supreme Court to enforce the findings of our internal disciplinary process under Title IX, in a case involving a student athlete.”