NORMAN, Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma President David Boren has announced the findings of an investigation into a fraternity after members were caught on video engaging in a racist chant.

President Boren held a news conference at noon on Friday. According to the University, the origin of the chant was that it was learned by local chapter members on a national leadership cruise sponsored by the national organization of SAE four years ago. Over time, the chant was formalized in the local SAE chapter and was taught to pledges as part of the formal and informal pledgeship process.

According to the University, prior to the chapter's annual Chapter's Founder's Day event on March 7, there was alcohol available at the fraternity house, and there is evidence that a significant number of members were consuming alcohol prior to boarding the bus on which the chant was sung.

As part of the chapter's normal recruitment activities in connection to its Founder's Day event, the chapter had invited about a dozen high school students, who were present at the house and were exposed to the chant while on the bus, according to University officials. 

Officials also said it's clear that during the four years since the chant was brought to the OU campus, its existence was known by recent members and that it became part of the institutionalized culture of the chapter.

As of result of the findings, the University has issued discipline to about 25 involved students, ranging from permanent withdrawals, community service and mandated cultural sensitivity training.