NORMAN, Oklahoma - Freshmen at the University of Oklahoma will be required to take new classes this fall all in response to the SAE scandal back in March.

Students upset over that racist SAE chant caught on video went to campus leaders and said they wanted change. Part of that change was announced earlier this week.

According to the OU Daily, all incoming freshmen will be required to take five hours of mandatory diversity training.

OU's vice president for the University Community, Jabar Shumate, who was named to that position after the scandal told the paper he wants "students from the start at OU to understand that diversity and inclusivity is at the core of who we are as Sooners.”

The requirement can be met three different ways, by attending Camp Crimson, which most know as freshman orientation, a stand-alone course, or another class which has diversity issues in its curriculum.

Now how much impact will this new course requirement make on the OU Campus? That obviously remains to be seen.

This is only a requirement for incoming freshmen and not any of the current students already here.