No campers were hurt in the flood, but Thursday afternoon camp administrators sent everyone home early.

For several Tulsa churches, that meant sending their buses back to Murray County, a six-hour round trip.

About 5,400 kids were in camp this week, including hundreds from Tulsa and its suburbs.

As video and images of flooding in the area surfaced Thursday morning there was cause for concern, but camp leaders moved the children to higher ground and kept everyone safe.

Even though the kids were safe, Falls Creek leaders decided to shut down.

A notice released Thursday said the shutdown wasn't because of safety, but because the flooding elsewhere was impacting the camp's ability to "provide the desired level of basic services, such as maintenance facilities and trash service for our current population of campers."

"We know weather is a factor in Oklahoma, so we're weather aware, we're weather prepared and we're so glad everyone is prepared," said Falls Creek Spokesperson, Brian Hobbs.

There are five more weeks of camp left but so far there is no word on when the camp will reopen.