A man climbs up a 300-ft. communications tower in the sweltering summer heat and refuses to come down for several days.

William Sturdivant II, of Tulsa, became known as “Tower Guy”. And it was four years ago today, when he finally decided to climb down.

The story went viral and soon gained national attention, when the then 25-year-old Sturdivant decided to climb the 300 ft. Clear Channel radio tower at 27th and Memorial in Tulsa, Ok.

He had a history of mental illness but police never believed he was suicidal.  

Tulsa fire, police, EMSA, stayed on scene throughout every night working to find the right way to talk the man down.

Authorities tried to use a bucket truck, which soon looked more like an elevator service. Up and down it went every time authorities thought they were making progress with Sturdivant’s surrender.

But Sturdivant’s staying power was uncompromising.

He stayed on that tower when severe weather moved in, and even made a request for a Whataburger meal. At one time, police fired pepper spray balls in effort to get him down.

Crowds formed! Some were cheering him on, and others were trying to coax him down.

After six long days of negotiations, it was retired TPD crisis negotiator Tyrone Lynn, who was able to convince Sturdivant it was time to climb down.

The standoff is still one of the longest in Tulsa Police history, totaling more than 128 hours.

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