TULSA, Oklahoma - Things got steamy inside the Tulsa Fire Alarm Building Thursday night.

Firefighters featured in the upcoming "hot shot" calendar were there showing off their photos to a room full of women; some of them said they couldn't turn down a charity event featuring some of Tulsa's finest.

It was an event all about raising money for the future Tulsa Fire Museum.

The ladies looking at pictures of Tulsa firefighters with their shirts off had to decide who should be on the cover. They said picking just one out of the 12 options was a hard decision.

Whether they're up in flames, on a fire truck or with a dog, every woman had a favorite photo.

Carol Elrod said, "I love dogs in the first place, so I am going to be drawn to dogs."

Vicky Courtney said, "I like this one because it says "keep calm, let me save your kitty."

That was her favorite for a good reason.

"Tuesday, my daughter’s house got on fire and the firefighters who came out, her cat was underneath the bed," she said. "They went in and found her and brought her out and she was fine."

It wasn't just the pictures people were excited to see. The firefighters in the calendar were at the event too, and the official firehouse dog also made an appearance.

But the event was about much more than a good time.

"I'm here to support the firefighters, because what would we do without these guys? They come in every dangerous situation and here they are," Elrod said.

All the proceeds benefit the Tulsa Fire Museum which will be housed in the same building.

Chairwoman of the Tulsa Fire Museum, Debbie Bailey said, "We continue to raise funds. We are looking for $200,000 to $500,000 to make this a very professional, very well done museum."

The calendars will be $15 each and sold at stores around Tulsa, as well as online.

Courtney said, "Everyone of these guys is hot, and this calendar needs to be bought by everyone in town."

They calendars will be available at the beginning of October.