TULSA, Oklahoma - This football season, millions of fans will head to stadiums across the country to root for their favorite team; but the Better Business Bureau warns the ticket you're carrying could be a fake.

Tulsa University's football team will soon head to Norman to face the University of Oklahoma. The in-state competition is expected to bring large crowds, and possibly scam artists looking to cash in on your team spirit.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for football fans, as teams suit up to go head to head on high school, college and professional football fields.

While most people turn to TV to enjoy the sport, many people, like Zion Spencer, like to experience the game in person.

“We're pretty crazy about Sooners, so it's always a blast to go see the games," he said.

Spencer said when he does get a chance to go to the games he has a system to make sure he doesn't get cheated.

"I'm usually able to go around on Facebook and say ‘does anyone have any tickets available’ and find tickets that way. You know, as far as getting tickets from random third-party sites, it’s definitely riskier these days than it's been before," he said.

Amie Mitchell and the BBB said buying tickets from secondary sources can be risky.

Mitchell said, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Even if you are a dedicated fan you still want to do your research."

She said scammers are getting good and their ability to replicate the tickets is more sophisticated. However, there are still clear cut ways to protect yourself.

Mitchell said before buying tickets you should make sure to check if the site is BBB accredited, or that the website is secure by making sure the web address has HTTPS and a lock image.

She said before using a credit card, you should read the terms on the website to understand its refund policy. She also said to be cautious of in-person sales.

"Scalpers can make pretty good fakes of these tickets, and at that point you're going to be paying cash, and there really is no recourse," she said.

Spencer said it's nice to have a good deal, but he'd rather not take the risk.

"I'd rather just have the peace of mind that when I spend the money and know I'm gonna get what I paid for," he said.

If you're heading to a college game and you're not sure about your ticket, the BBB said you can call the school to verify the ticket.

Another sign to tell if your ticket is real is to look for the sealed school stamp on the ticket.